How to reach Cres?

The island can be reached by car, plane or coach.

If you are travelling by car, take the highway towards Rijeka. Pay toll from Zagreb will cost you approx. € 11, and the distance is cca. 185km. Here are some of the distances from the island to some of the European capitals: BRATISLAVA - 520 km; BUDAPEST - 530 km; LJUBLJANA - 165 km; MILANO - 520 km; MUNICH - 560 km; PRAGUE - 860 km.

Ferries from ports: Brestova (Istria) - Porozina (I.Cres) or from the island Krk between Valbiska (KRK) - Merag (I.Cres) drive to the island. The Valbiska (KRK) - Merag (I.Cres) line takes cca.25 min., and Brestova (Istria) - Porozina (I.Cres) line cca.20 min. The ferries are frequent, and in occurrence of large crowds ferries drive constantly. Ticket prices for both ferry lines are approx. € 3 per person, and approx. € 16 per car. During the summer months, because of numerous tourists there are long queues for boarding the ferry. For a current timetable and other information check here. When you get to the island just take the road further for the town of Cres. From the port Porozina your drive will take approx. 40 minutes, and Port Merag approx. 20 minutes. In the season it is possible to reach the island with ferries that depart from Pula, Zadar and Rijeka, and twice a week a ferry departs from Venice and Ancona. If interested in these routes we recommend you pre-book a ticket. If you are travelling without a car, you can take a catamaran from Rijeka that drives on a daily basis for the city of Cres in 17h, and the price is approximately € 4. Also there is a catamaran three times a week for the settlement Martinscica.

If arriving by plane, the nearest airports are located on the islands:

- Rijeka airport on the island of Krk, about 35 km from Cres (island of Krk is connected by ferry to Cres; Valbiska – Merag line)

- Airport Losinj on the island of Losinj, about 50 km from Cres (island of Losinj is connected with Cres by a bridge);

Buses towards Cres travel from Rijeka, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Other international lines drive until Rijeka, and from there departs a bus for Cres (see for timetables).

If you wish to use the taxi service from any of the major cities on the mainland, you will need to set aside a little more money.

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